Livingten Insulated greenhouse


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Livingten Insulated greenhouse – 22-mm insulated double pane glass & all aluminum profiles are Thermal Insulated (cold/heat barrier): Due to even more extreme weather conditions – we are now introducing one of the best selling new models from Germany – this fully insulated greenhouse comes with both 22-mm thick insulated glass as well as Thermal Insulated aluminum profiles: 3 sizes: each include the following items: 1 set of double sliding doors for gable ends, 1 set of double sliding doors for side walls (both come with locks); 2 pop-out side windows; 4 roof windows with heavy duty automatic openers (solar powered); Foundation Frame (does not need to be used); Retractable roof (roll-up) shade curtains with aluminum weave; LED light bar supplies soft evening lighting. Low threshold – just 2″ high.


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