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Greenhouse Planning

As a greenhouse expert with extensive experience working with clients, schools, and municipalities, I would like to assist you in determining the best products and services for your specific goals. There are various ways to utilize a greenhouse, and it can be home to a multitude of plants and produce. By discussing your objectives, I can guide you in creating your ideal greenhouse. Let me apply my expertise to assist you in building your perfect greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Purchase

Your greenhouse purchase is a big investment in yourself and your future. I understand the importance of your order and am dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.  When you buy directly from us, we will work one-on-one with the wholesaler to ensure you get exactly what you need in your order. Add our other services and you can  streamline your project to  completion, only using a single point of contact.

Site Prep & Foundations

A building is only as good as it’s foundation. Our qualified team knows this and strives for perfection. When you let us prepare your site, you can know that it’s done correct and assembly will go smoothly.


Greenhouse Assembly

You’re only going to build a greenhouse once, we build them often. Because of this, we bring the knowledge and experience to every build. 

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More Services

We Use Plants to Bring Life

Planting & Systems

Assistance in planting and systems is the most fruitful (lol) part of the greenhouse project!  Whether you are planting in ground, in custom boxes, or in aquaponic and hydroponic systems, I have the unique knowledge to help you achieve the biggest harvest.