KOTA Grill House/Hunting Cabin


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KOTA Grill House/Hunting Cabin 25m2: This is the perfect place for a party, having fun in your backyard, or camping out like hunter fisherman in northern Scandinavia. Fits 25 adults. The KOTA is made from the highest quality Scandinavian Pine (10x denser/harder than American pine). It has 1.5″ thick tongue & groove walls, double-pane glass windows, a dutch door, and 15-year professional shingles. Octagon (8 sided), 4 sections with opening windows. Size: 250 sq. feet; Dimensions: wall diameter: 19′ 4″, roof diameter: 20′ 4″, Height: 15′ 3″ without the chimney. Side walls are 48″ high. This unit is totally empty inside. Great as a camping cabin. SHIPS IN 2 LARGE CRATES – FORKLIFT NEEDED TO UNLOAD.


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