Hoklartherm Roof Shade Curtain


Universal Retractable Roll-up Shade curtains with aluminum weave; Made by Hoklartherm in Germany (an in-house product) multiple sizes -to fit basically any greenhouse. The standard length of the shade curtains is 8 feet. Nade from: FFS 4/4 aluminum white” – acrylic fabric with aluminum fibers. Acrylic fiber absorb evaporative moisture: for drier fungus-free and healthier climate. Shading value ~55-60%. Fabric Made in Germany.

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Hoklartherm Roof Shade curtain retractable: hangs in the middle from the ridge line or rafters – covers both sides of the roof – each side covers up to 8 feet: each fixture has 2 rolls (left and right): 39 3/8″


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