Tiered Fountain


Endura Clay Tiered Fountain

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ENDURA CLAY bird baths, benches, pots, and fountains are all injection molded in a new, patented process with 70% clay by weight, 25% polyester resin, and 5 % cross linking agents. The difference between this and traditional “Fiber Clay” is the injection molding. That means the clay is evenly integrated into the product with no chance for separation or breakdown of the physical characteristics as seen in other products. The end result is a light weight, attractive, and very durable product for the discerning home and garden enthusiast.

  • Submersible pump 120 V 60 Hz – with 12 volt output
  • 12 ft long outdoor power cord with 3 prong plug
  • Power cord extends over 9 ft from base of fountain
Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 26 in


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