Aerobin 400 Insulated Composter


The First Composter Which Requires No Extra Work – No Turning Required

The Aerobin 400 uses a patented lung® or aeration core inside a sealed bin to promote aerobic break down of organic matter, which experts say is the preferable method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The thermal insulation in the Aerobin 400 conserves heat, leading to rapid breakdown of the biomass and works efficiently year round, even in cooler regions. There is no need to turn the biomass and it is pet and rodent resistant. It has little odor and can kill noxious weeds and seeds. It is BPA free, constructed from virgin PP(Polypropylene) & HDPE (High-density polyethylene) – it’s a 80/20 blend

The Aerobin 400 is easy to use – just open, drop and close. After a short time, fertile compost is produced, which is easily accessed via the lower side door.

The Aerobin 400 comes with a reservoir at the bottom to collect the leachate, which when diluted makes for great “compost-tea” liquid fertilizer.


Aerobin 400 Insulated Composter: double-wall polystyrene-core sides for year-round compost production with patented “lung” system, and 4 gal reservoir collects leachate – dilute to make “compost tea”. Absolutely no turning required – drop waste in at the top – later remove through bottom side doors. Processes similar capacity as 3-4 110-gallon composters. Size: 29″ W x 29″L x 47″H The very best consumer composter on the market today!


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